If you are selling a property, East London Solicitors have a dedicated team on hand to offer the best level of service and advice.

By having us manage the selling of your house, you can be rest assured you will be in safe hands and in the knowledge that all the services you need are available inhouse at East London Solicitors.

We are customer focussed and always make it a priority to protect your assets and affairs.

Why Choose East London Solicitors?

  • Updates throughout your residential property transaction
  • Direct contact with our conveyancing solicitors in East London
  • Tailored advice based on an in-depth understanding of your situation
  • Knowledge of local property market for a smooth transaction
  • Itemised explanation of what your property sale will entail

East London Solicitors takes great pride in being able to carry out the work accurately and efficiently. We focus on minimising the stress of property transfer by provide you with support and guidance from beginning to end. We make sure to push your deal through by embracing a proactive rather than a reactive role. Furthermore, we are experts at negotiating with other parties and speed up your transaction. At East London Solicitors, we use technology to help us deliver a modern conveyancing service.

The experience of our residential property law team is wide-ranging.

It is this approach that allows us to provide each client with the best possible solution. We also recognize the value of time when it comes to selling your home. As such, we seek to deliver a solution that will bring the required outcome in the quickest time possible. No matter what your concern is, we can help.

Our residential sales team can handle your case from start to finish offering tailor made, professional advice and guidance through the process.

Feel free to contact our offices at 020 3797 3052. A specialist member of our residential sales staff will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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